Reba McEntire:

“With over 40 years in the entertainment industry, I know there are challenges to being a female in this business. So, it’s exciting and encouraging to see how Change The Conversation is not only bringing women together to support one another, but as a whole, uniting and educating the music community.”

Brandy Clark:

"I feel like what 'Change the Conversation' is trying to do is get us as an industry to a place where gender isn't even an issue or an argument for why an artist's music should or shouldn't be played. More than a feminist platform, I see it as a platform for great artistry and if that artistry is being overlooked because the artist happens to be a female, I see 'Change the Conversation' banding together and lifting that artist up.”

Wanda Jackson:

"I was pleasantly surprised at the number of young women in attendance who enjoyed hearing my stories. It was a wonderful evening for me. I said hello to some old friends and many new ones. I was glad to see women supporting other women in our industry. So again, thank you.”

Mickey Guyton:

“I know that myself and so many others in the Nashville music community are forever grateful for the work that Leslie, Tracy, and Beverly have done through “Change The Conversation”.  Their commitment to helping break and foster new female artists has been an inspiration to me and so many others.”

Ashley McBryde:

"Change the Conversation is important to me on several levels. Women are conditioned at an early age to believe that any female that does the same thing you do is in competition with you.  Change the Conversation proves that wrong. Instead of worrying about who is traditional country, who is pop, and who is on the rock side of things, it gives us a chance to rise above the noise, build a bigger table, and pull up a couple chairs. Country music is as diverse as it is rich, and there's room for all of us within its community. It's also empowering to be around like-minded women in the music industry. I believe if you want an opportunity, raise your hand; if you want to be heard then speak up; and if you don't like what you're hearing, you should change the conversation."

Greg Hill:

“Change the Conversation” is a great resource in Nashville for those struggling to secure the exposure and recognition for deserving and talented female artists.  The support, education and perspective that “Change the Conversation” provides is an invaluable asset for us all.

Todd Cassetty:

“Armed with facts, research and principle, Change The Conversation battles the long established voodoo that currently restricts female musicians from consideration for success.“